NorP#1 Media and Revolution

It’s interesting that technology changes our life accidentally. I haven’t realize and think about that after reading the articles about social media by New Yorker.

80 years ago, people were communicating each other using very simple ways, which seems not very efficient nowadays. But is the efficiency of the technology gives us convenience?  Not really.

I was frustrated with these spams in the Facebook. Some people like to share everything they do and post everything they saw on that, maybe thats the function of Facebook and other social network media(like twitter), but is that necessary? These reminds me the era of “post-facebook “.

Before facebook, twitter and other internet-based social network appears, I still get the information I want quickly and efficiently, I still encounter with my friends through cellphones, chat softwares, etc. Also the most important aspect, I don’t need to refresh any pages to see what’s going on with my friends. But now, it just become my second nature and I don’t know how to get rid of it.

So what did Facebook and twitter change?

First of all is the amount of information. These social-network sites connect each other as information sharer, more people in your facebook list or twitter list, the more information you get.

Secondly, it’s the speed. The flow of information become even faster than before. People just need a click and then these information were shown to all the people he know.

Google changed internet years ago, let’s just say that Google collected and connected all the sites and informations to the people, and social-network sites are changing internet right now. These companies connect people together, and change the way that people communicate.

As we can see, internet become more human-centered. That’s what some governments concerned about. Because the greatest power is not technology, it’s people, many people. Internet pulls people even closer. For example, People in Egypt used twitter to communicate, and sending information to all the world in a speed that we can’t imagine. That’s why Chinese government were so scared about Facebook and Twitter. These social media are unstoppable. I’m so interested to see what will happen next.

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