NorP#2-Social Network(2010)

A movie about the founding of Facebook and the battle between founders. I guess everybody have seen that.

Let’s just skip what happens in the movie, it’s just another story of a billionaire and his company located in south bay area. A 26-year-old billionaire. The highlight of this movie, is the timeline.

Usually, director and writer will tell viewers story by the time passing by. But in this movie they didn’t. At the beginning it seems like normal story telling, but actually the whole story was based on three lawsuits of Mark Zuckerberg, which was very rare in a movie like that.

Most of the biography movies like to make the leading role seems like a superhero. But this one not. Whole movie was rational, no prejudice about anything, and Jesse Eisenberg(as Mark Zuckerberg) acts perfectly in this movie, and he nominated for best actor in Oscar 2011.

I’ve seen that movie twice, first time was at home, second time was on the plane back to San Francisco. The movie was so deep, I feel that when I saw it second time. It’s not

about how a 26-year-old Harvard student become a billionaire, it’s the analysis of his mind, his thought, and his loneliness. Like the poster of this movie said, you don’t get to 500 million friends without making a few enemies. But he don’t have friends, just enemmies, more and more.

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