NorP#3-La jetee(1965)

We saw La Jetee in 4D class. It was an introduction about our next project, but I got some critiques on this movie.

It’s a experimental movie, and I have to say it’s difficult for me to understand. The concept of this film is too futuristic. Director want to recall viewer’s memory by using different pictures. So the viewer will connect different pictures by their own imagination. It’s really a good idea. In addition the whole story was a pioneer in scientific and futuristic movies. But using stop motion pictures to create a 26 minutes movie is not an easy thing, not only for production but also for the viewer. Honestly, I really want to sleep when I saw this movie. I’m not a film major student, and I’m only interested in “normal” film like these showing in the cinema. I remember the most “artistic” film I’ve seen was The Dreamers, and I think that’s the minimum standard of my aesthetics of the film. But for the film major students, this is an incredible film. The timeline and the structure of the film was perfect.

This film reminds me a news I just read serval days ago. It’s about a “Chinese version of IMDB” websites called I also had an account on it for years. You can set up what have you listened/read/watched and what do you want to listen/read/watched, and you can also set up groups you want, any type of groups. It’s like IMDB+facebook except you don’t need to use your real name. So the story was a man made up and added a movie to called “Kafka, or even get into the castle into a beetle” in 2010. It’s totally a fake movie and doesn’t exist.

But the funny thing is, until 2011 there were 235 people viewed this film and about 20 movie reviews.The average rate of this film was 8.9, greater than Titanic, Avatar, and other great movie in the history. In these 20 movie reviews people wrote about how they appreciated the story, the scene, and recommend people to watch the prelude of this film.

I think most of you knows what I’m talking about. Normally these movies are hard to understand or you don’t even understand it at all, and honestly there’s just a few people will like these films a lot, and continue to watch these films. And most of them are film students, they study films and inspired from these films.

I have to say I don’t have any feelings about La Jetee. And I’m more appreciated with Star Wars in the area of science fiction movies.

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