4D project #3-Modern and Nature

This is the 4D project I’m working on for almost a month. The theme is ‘Modern and Nature’.

I decided to make my own music(not 100% own) for my video. I was looking for background music before I shot the footage, and I can’t find anything fits my idea. In the meantime I was viewing youtube and the orignal OST of The Social Network caught my eye, because it’s about the Oscar and everybody was talking about that online. People thinks this soundtrack is crap without the film. However, I was inspired by one comment in youtube about this soundtrack.

Quoting from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9SBNCYkSceU

“I feel like the sounds have meanings. The instrument that starts off the song sounds shaky, like Mark’s feelings, not knowing whether to help his friend or go on his own. The piano represents those good memories he has with his best friend. The low electric note that starts at 1:43 is all the anger Mark has at the world, at his friends, girlfriends, enemies. But at the end, the bad feelings win, because the piano never sounds again from 3:09 .”

That’s what I’m trying to tell in my video. Two sides(modern and nature) but in the same scene. I did the music for my video in Logic Pro. The music was pretty rough because of the shortage of time. I might redo the whole music in summer, and extend my field in art.

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