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Question: Is the hybrid car really “green”?


Toyota Pruis is one of the most popular hybrid car in the US. But the production of Pruis is not that “green”.

Here’s some quotes in the research report by CNW marking research. It was a big news when they post this report in 2007.

“The Nickel for the battery, for instance, is mined in Sudbury, Ontario, and smelted at nearby Nickel Centre, just north of the province’s massive Georgian Bay.”

“Toyota buys about 1000 tons of nickel from the facility each year, ships the nickel to Wales for refining, then to China, where it’s manufactured into nickel foam, and them onto Toyota’s battery plant in Japan.”

Source: http://www.cnwmr.com/nss-folder/automotiveenergy/Hidden%20Cost%20of%20Driving%20a%20Prius%20Commentary.pdf

Toyota Pruis almost travelled the world before they get to consumers in US, espeically California(A lot of Pruis in California).

More information:http://www.thecarconnection.com/tips-article/1010861_prius-versus-hummer-exploding-the-myth

I’m going to create an interactive websites that shows the procedure of producing a Pruis and shipping to California, US by using different maps around the world. All the information will be delivered by this website clearly and interesting.

I’m working on this project using Adobe Flash and Dreamweaver. I might consider to do background music and sound effect myself, using Logic Pro.

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