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Some good auto ads.


Simple review on Adobe Flash Catalyst

my 4d project

Finally I finished my last 4D project, which is an interaction microsite based on my research of hybrid cars. I used illustrator and flash catalyst for this project.

I plot everything in illustrator and export it into flash catalyst. This new software in CS5 shocked me at first. I can edit components anytime I want, flash catalyst will link me to illustrator. This function is so helpful for designers to edit their work while they were working on the website. One thing I dont like about flash is the difficulties of create and edit artwork. I prefer creating designs in illustrator; it’s more handy.

Another thing about the catalyst is no programming. In flash designers need to deal with complicate programming languages and action scripts. Flash catalyst contained a friendly user interface and make programming become virtual.

Above all, flash catalyst is very easy to learn. It’s very useful for designers to do some simple micro sites or catalogs. I hope Adobe will take this software further, and I think the overall idea of flash catalyst is a good direction of future.

Somebody died and TV is still useful

Bin laden died last Sunday. As a younger generation, I get the news on Internet but this time, TV is faster. I opened my TV while I’m chatting with my mom on Skype. The breaking news just come in the middle of some TV shows. Then I saw Obama standing there. In the meantime my Facebook is still quiet. This time TV wins. Tv delivered both video and text informations. Most of the live speeches are still only on TV. Maybe twitter is faster but people can’t upload video on twitter I think, and YouTube is not that fast for people on twitter and Facebook to share. Go TV.