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Math and Media Presentation-Scott Snibbe

Scott Snibbe (born 1969 in New York City) is an interactive media artist, researcher, and entrepreneur. He is one of the first artists to work with projector-based interactivity, where a computer-controlled projection onto a wall or floor changes in response to people moving across its surface. Snibbe states that this work “shows that personal space, though we call it our own, is only defined by others and changes without our control”.

Snibbe received undergraduate and masters degree in Computer science and Fine Arts in Brown University. He also studied animation in RISD. He taught media art in UCB, CCA and SFAI, and worked as a computer scientist in Adobe systems from 1994-1996.

He is the founder of Snibbe Interactive and Scott Snibbe Studio. He developed three apps based on iOS(iphone, ipad, ipod touch). He also collaborated Bjork to product the first full-length app album.





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Simple review on Adobe Flash Catalyst

my 4d project

Finally I finished my last 4D project, which is an interaction microsite based on my research of hybrid cars. I used illustrator and flash catalyst for this project.

I plot everything in illustrator and export it into flash catalyst. This new software in CS5 shocked me at first. I can edit components anytime I want, flash catalyst will link me to illustrator. This function is so helpful for designers to edit their work while they were working on the website. One thing I dont like about flash is the difficulties of create and edit artwork. I prefer creating designs in illustrator; it’s more handy.

Another thing about the catalyst is no programming. In flash designers need to deal with complicate programming languages and action scripts. Flash catalyst contained a friendly user interface and make programming become virtual.

Above all, flash catalyst is very easy to learn. It’s very useful for designers to do some simple micro sites or catalogs. I hope Adobe will take this software further, and I think the overall idea of flash catalyst is a good direction of future.

Somebody died and TV is still useful

Bin laden died last Sunday. As a younger generation, I get the news on Internet but this time, TV is faster. I opened my TV while I’m chatting with my mom on Skype. The breaking news just come in the middle of some TV shows. Then I saw Obama standing there. In the meantime my Facebook is still quiet. This time TV wins. Tv delivered both video and text informations. Most of the live speeches are still only on TV. Maybe twitter is faster but people can’t upload video on twitter I think, and YouTube is not that fast for people on twitter and Facebook to share. Go TV.

4D project #4-Research

4D: Action and Interaction project proposal

Mapping project

Question: Is the hybrid car really “green”?


Toyota Pruis is one of the most popular hybrid car in the US. But the production of Pruis is not that “green”.

Here’s some quotes in the research report by CNW marking research. It was a big news when they post this report in 2007.

“The Nickel for the battery, for instance, is mined in Sudbury, Ontario, and smelted at nearby Nickel Centre, just north of the province’s massive Georgian Bay.”

“Toyota buys about 1000 tons of nickel from the facility each year, ships the nickel to Wales for refining, then to China, where it’s manufactured into nickel foam, and them onto Toyota’s battery plant in Japan.”


Toyota Pruis almost travelled the world before they get to consumers in US, espeically California(A lot of Pruis in California).

More information:

I’m going to create an interactive websites that shows the procedure of producing a Pruis and shipping to California, US by using different maps around the world. All the information will be delivered by this website clearly and interesting.

I’m working on this project using Adobe Flash and Dreamweaver. I might consider to do background music and sound effect myself, using Logic Pro.

4D project #3-Modern and Nature

This is the 4D project I’m working on for almost a month. The theme is ‘Modern and Nature’.

I decided to make my own music(not 100% own) for my video. I was looking for background music before I shot the footage, and I can’t find anything fits my idea. In the meantime I was viewing youtube and the orignal OST of The Social Network caught my eye, because it’s about the Oscar and everybody was talking about that online. People thinks this soundtrack is crap without the film. However, I was inspired by one comment in youtube about this soundtrack.

Quoting from

“I feel like the sounds have meanings. The instrument that starts off the song sounds shaky, like Mark’s feelings, not knowing whether to help his friend or go on his own. The piano represents those good memories he has with his best friend. The low electric note that starts at 1:43 is all the anger Mark has at the world, at his friends, girlfriends, enemies. But at the end, the bad feelings win, because the piano never sounds again from 3:09 .”

That’s what I’m trying to tell in my video. Two sides(modern and nature) but in the same scene. I did the music for my video in Logic Pro. The music was pretty rough because of the shortage of time. I might redo the whole music in summer, and extend my field in art.


This is the project I was working on last month. It was based on questionnaires completed by my friends all around the world(UK US and China, actually). I started with the idea of target shooting. Then I developed that idea to the maps of train. By showing how different varieties of answers. Most of participants choose death or something related to death for their answers, my graph was trying to show how close these participants’ answer to the death.

On the right side of this graph, it’s answers of “which body parts do you dislike most?” There’s a difference between man and woman. Woman are more focused on both body shapes and face. But man are less focused on their body shapes. The initial design was using arrows to show which part of the body they dislike most, but I changed my design before the deadline, I linked with the first graph I made, thus the work looks more lively and more artistic.